Quilting in a Plastic World

Remember when only a few short years ago everyday there was a new credit card offer in your mail box? Remember when it took a pile of CD’s and hours to install software on your computer? They are just too colorful and shiny to toss away.

Quilted -- CD's and Credit Cards
Quilted — CD’s and Credit Cards

Mostly I’m a fiber artist stitching and quilting fabrics and handmade papers so why not a plastic quilt? Here’s my version of Quilting in a Plastic World – credit cards stitched down with colorful pins and embellished with mosaic-style CD’s.  I love the way this turned out – I think there’s enough plastic available for at least one more project.  And if not – there’s still plenty of uses for these shiny objects. Credit cards are great for scraping the ice off the car window and used as dividers in my bead drawers. The CD’s can be used as coasters or strung up as a twinkling mobile to chase away the birds.

So what do you do with your old credit cards and CD’s?

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