Groundhog Day

Be sure to celebrate on February 2.
For some reason I’ve always liked Groundhog Day — because it’s funny, because it’s obscure and mostly uncelebrated or because it’s right in the middle of cold dark days of winter. And especially if you are in the working world of 9-5,there are no holidays between New Year’s Day and Memorial Day; so why not celebrate Groundhog day — just because you need a holiday!

When I started working in the DIY industry in the late 1990’s, I realized that many designers sent out their own creatively designed holiday cards to editors, vendors, and people they did business with. I barely got holiday cards out to friends and family. Besides if everyone else was sending holiday cards, it would be easy to be missed in the mix. So — I decided on Ground Hog Day cards. I had the whole month of January to come up with the design and get them sent — and no one was expecting a greeting card the first of February. They were a hit — for my work as well as friends and family. So much so they became expected. So I’ve tried to continue the tradition over the years. I’ve posted a few of the early drawn designs. When I retired, I wanted to get back to creating so I’ve pulled out a few old designs and added new ones that can now be found on Zazzle as postage, cards and t-shirts.

Coincidentally, I am now forever linked to Groundhog Day — my first grandchild was born on February 2, 2000.

Looking forward to another great Groundhog day! Enjoy!

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