From Chaos

From Chaos
Both my grandmothers were quilters so I was familiar with traditional quilting. Even stitched together a couple patchwork tops but I hated what I felt were restrictions in traditional quilting. So while I loved the idea of quilting, I easily lost interest in using traditional quilting and stitching methods.

When I was living in Carrboro, NC in the early 1990’s, I was first introduced to improvisational quilting by Sherri Lynn Woods. who was selling her beautiful quilts at the local Farmers’ Market. I took a class and was hooked! My first improv quilted wall hanging is The Red Tassel. (Check out my Black|White Gallery.)

Attached is a photo of my seventh Black|White improv wall hanging still in progress. If you look closely, you will see bits and pieces left over from that class. There are also some blocks from that class in my Aboriginal Sampler(also in my Black|White Gallery).

I love the high contrast of black and white and have collected a stash of black and white fabrics over the years. Stay tuned for more Black|White creations!

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Groundhog Day

Be sure to celebrate on February 2.
For some reason I’ve always liked Groundhog Day — because it’s funny, because it’s obscure and mostly uncelebrated or because it’s right in the middle of cold dark days of winter. And especially if you are in the working world of 9-5,there are no holidays between New Year’s Day and Memorial Day; so why not celebrate Groundhog day — just because you need a holiday!

When I started working in the DIY industry in the late 1990’s, I realized that many designers sent out their own creatively designed holiday cards to editors, vendors, and people they did business with. I barely got holiday cards out to friends and family. Besides if everyone else was sending holiday cards, it would be easy to be missed in the mix. So — I decided on Ground Hog Day cards. I had the whole month of January to come up with the design and get them sent — and no one was expecting a greeting card the first of February. They were a hit — for my work as well as friends and family. So much so they became expected. So I’ve tried to continue the tradition over the years. I’ve posted a few of the early drawn designs. When I retired, I wanted to get back to creating so I’ve pulled out a few old designs and added new ones that can now be found on Zazzle as postage, cards and t-shirts.

Coincidentally, I am now forever linked to Groundhog Day — my first grandchild was born on February 2, 2000.

Looking forward to another great Groundhog day! Enjoy!

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Holiday Wishes —

Wow! Thanksgiving is here and Christmas just around the corner. It’s

Kute Kitty
Kute Kitty

been an interesting year since I retired in February. Took a while to get into the groove — partly because I was plagued with mobility issues for the first eight months of retirement (stress fracture in my left knee). But finally, I’m getting the hang of doing my own thing. The last ten plus years has been “the day job”! Now I have the time and energy to get back to creating. Missed out on so much — especially keeping up with and learning all the new technology associated with design. A little “on the job” learning project are my designs for a Zazzle store. It’s been fun — especially developing my Kute Kitty designs.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends!

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Quilting in a Plastic World

Remember when only a few short years ago everyday there was a new credit card offer in your mail box? Remember when it took a pile of CD’s and hours to install software on your computer? They are just too colorful and shiny to toss away.

Quilted -- CD's and Credit Cards
Quilted — CD’s and Credit Cards

Mostly I’m a fiber artist stitching and quilting fabrics and handmade papers so why not a plastic quilt? Here’s my version of Quilting in a Plastic World – credit cards stitched down with colorful pins and embellished with mosaic-style CD’s.  I love the way this turned out – I think there’s enough plastic available for at least one more project.  And if not – there’s still plenty of uses for these shiny objects. Credit cards are great for scraping the ice off the car window and used as dividers in my bead drawers. The CD’s can be used as coasters or strung up as a twinkling mobile to chase away the birds.

So what do you do with your old credit cards and CD’s?

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Wiggle Your Toes!

Wiggle---toes-LAugust sixth is “Wiggle Your Toes Day”. Wake the kids with “Wiggle your toes!” Then celebrate by wiggling your toes all day. Pick a nonsensical reason for having to wiggle your toes – all day long. Maybe each “please” requires a toe wiggle before getting the requested item.  You or your teens can send out an email or card a few days before August sixth to dear friends or family or just a friend that needs a reason to smile and announce that on the morning of August sixth, before rolling out of bed – they should remember to celebrate the day – and “wiggle their toes”!

Wiggle Your Toes! -- mug
Celebrate August 6 — Wiggle Your Toes Day! Wiggle Your Toes! — mug by nancyworrelldesigns Shop for Holiday Mugs online at

You may want to add other times during the day when they should wiggle their toes – say for instance every time someone says “Have a nice day”! All those wiggles could cause a few giggles and suddenly the day is just a little bit brighter. If you’re good at verse, then make up a poem about wiggling your toes and add it to your message or recite it several times during the day, especially when someone is least expecting it.

Looking for more “wiggle your toes” designs? Click here


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Pears in pen and ink

Black|White Pears in pen and ink
Black|White Pears in pen and ink

Pears – each so unique – shape, color, texture, the way the stem turns,  the lean as it sits on the table; all the reasons for my choice in using this motif for pen and ink expressions.  Here is a collection of designs I used to create unique cards, and other products for my Zazzle shop.

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