Welcome to my “file”

file” originates in the 1520s, “string or wire on which documents are strung,” from Fr. file “row,” from M.Fr. filer. The meaning “arranged collection of papers” is from 1620s . . .”

Online Etymology Dictionary

Handmade papers

My file, my “collection of papers” — my attempt to categorize, organize, analyze my varied creative interests, a place to share and collaborate.

I’m looking forward to exploring creative opportunities, experiencing exciting adventures, and making new friends. Join me as I continue to add to my collection of . . .


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One thought on “Welcome to my “file””

  1. Dear Nancy, I have just spent an hour this lazy Sunday afternoon going through your busy and fascinating life. How lovely to find you again. My name is Nancy also and we worked together at RAFI. I now live in PA in a retirement community near my daughter. I am 85 years old and even though old age is not for sissies I continue with my writing as my eyesight no longer lets me sew. My email is redzinger5@ gmail.com. Shall we catch up? NLR

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