Wiggle Your Toes!

Wiggle---toes-LAugust sixth is “Wiggle Your Toes Day”. Wake the kids with “Wiggle your toes!” Then celebrate by wiggling your toes all day. Pick a nonsensical reason for having to wiggle your toes – all day long. Maybe each “please” requires a toe wiggle before getting the requested item.  You or your teens can send out an email or card a few days before August sixth to dear friends or family or just a friend that needs a reason to smile and announce that on the morning of August sixth, before rolling out of bed – they should remember to celebrate the day – and “wiggle their toes”!

Wiggle Your Toes! -- mug
Celebrate August 6 — Wiggle Your Toes Day! Wiggle Your Toes! — mug by nancyworrelldesigns Shop for Holiday Mugs online at Zazzle.com

You may want to add other times during the day when they should wiggle their toes – say for instance every time someone says “Have a nice day”! All those wiggles could cause a few giggles and suddenly the day is just a little bit brighter. If you’re good at verse, then make up a poem about wiggling your toes and add it to your message or recite it several times during the day, especially when someone is least expecting it.

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