Friday, April 16, 2021

And Then . . ,

 geared up and ready to start a brand new year! I planned to write more blog posts. I signed up for #MAE and #100dayproject, reviewed designs on #SpoonFlower thinking about revising and developing them into collections and explored ideas for new #Zazzle designs.  And, to make this even better, my daughters gave me a new iPadPro for Christmas. I downloaded ProCreate and I was ready to make this a creative year.

Friday, January 22, 2021

New Year New Post

 I remarked to the Molly Maid ladies just before the holidays that I really needed to make a resolution in the new year to clean my studio. I started having them come clean last February after a mishap with my knee but told them to leave my studio room as it was except for the floors. I kept thinking I would clean it. Somehow the COVID thing had the opposite effect on me. I just could not get motivated to do much of anything. Well, I can't really blame it all on COVID -- I've also had a bad knee for the whole year.

Anyway, Molly Maids were due in the middle of January to clean and I suddenly felt the need to follow through on my promise. I started dragging stuff out of the closet, then the shelves. Then I had to do something.  So a little bit one day and a little bit the next. Viola! I did it! Well, except for 4 file drawers full of paper and a trunk full of linens. I will get to them eventually.

Feels good to have a clean mostly uncluttered space with my art quilts hanging on the wall. Still have stuff I need to get rid of -- Facebook Market hasn't been much help this go-round.

No before pictures -- it was that bad.

Photo of StudioPhoto of StudioPhoto of studio

Friday, September 18, 2020

Winged Skeleton

The Winged Skeleton jumped out at me (pun intended). The American tourist that I am, I immediately thought of Halloween!

The skeleton is a Monument to Cardinal Cinzio Aldobrandini and is located in San Pietro in Vincoli (Saint Peter in Chains), a church and minor basilica located in Rome.

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And Then . . ,

  geared up and ready to start a brand new year! I planned to write more blog posts. I signed up for #MAE and #100dayproject, reviewed desig...

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