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Tucker chasing squirrels

Morning Walk

With a big dog like Tucker, we have to get out of the house at least twice a day. Often the morning walk becomes a backyard adventure -- a flock of geese migrating, a baby owl still out early in the morning; after the rain beautiful mushrooms sprouting. Sometimes I am able to capture that image, sometimes not. Here are a few photos from our morning adventures.  I'll be adding photo prints, posters, postcards and more to my Zazzle shop.  Currently, I have a "real florida" collection called Travel | Florida. Stop by and take a look.

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Photos of Duck perched on her limb and her buddy Anhinga drying its wings. See the Duck - Update blog post to learn more about Duck.


Backyard Visitors

Two little frogs came for a visit. Both are enjoying the Elephant Ear plants growing in my backyard.  The Green Tree Frog is always around, I just need to pay attention. The Cope's Gray Frog lives high in the trees so usually not seen. Sometimes when the weather is really dry, he will come for a visit looking for water.

Green Tree Frog

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