Tuesday, March 17, 2020


Duck perched on her branch

The Canada geese have arrived and Duck is thrilled.  It's been a long lonely winter. Only a few water birds have come around. Most of the winter Duck has been floating around on the pond alone. Now her friends are back and she is just a few steps or paddles behind. 

Duck is one of the many joys of my morning walks. I first introduced Duck a couple years ago in the following post. So glad she is still in the neighborhood.


About two years ago someone dropped off two Muscovy ducks at the lake near my house. One was black and one white. Within a couple weeks, the black duck disappeared. The whiteish one is still here. I call him/her Duck.

Since I walk my dog almost every day, morning and afternoon, I've gotten in the habit of looking to see where Duck is and what she is doing. I worry about her being lonely and miss her when I don't see her.

In the Spring, the Canadian geese come to visit. Most of the time she watches from a reasonable distance sometimes edging in closer so as to feel she belongs. Often when the geese are swimming on the lake she will follow from behind.

This summer, after the geese moved on,  she became enamored with an Anhinga, Anhingas are
Anhinga drying its wings
common water bird in this area of Florida.   The Anhinga has no oil glands for waterproofing its feathers like most water birds so after feeding it will perch on a branch and spread its wings to dry. Duck now copies the Anhinga -- perching on a branch. It took a few tries before she got her balance. And so far I haven't seen her spread her wings but here she is doing her best to stand tall and handsome on her perch catching the morning sun.

I've added a new page where I'll be posting photos from my with Morning Walks.  You can also find photo prints, posters and more in my Zazzle shop. 

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