Monday, November 11, 2019

To blog or not to blog?

Title page of Nancy Worrell designs in 1996
First web site in 1996

I’ve had a website since 1996 so it is hard to give it up. But I did – sorta. When I first started the website, it was innovative and worked well for me because I was in the DIY industry. I used it as a portfolio to promote my design work to vendors and picked up newsletter followers who were interested in the work I was doing for publications.

Around 2003, life got in the way –

I ended up with a full-time job and no time for my design work. So really no need for a website or blog but I kept it anyway. Fast forward – to retirement in 2016. Now I can go back to designing and keeping up my website, but things have changed, and I have changed.

Now there’s Zazzle, SpoonFlower, Society 6, RedBubble – all these wonderful places to create products with my designs – but I also must market them – with pins on Pinterest, posts to Instagram and FaceBook, and a blog. So here we are. I wanted something easier, less complicated than WordPress (I was spending more time updating than writing.) so I’ve moved to Blogger. And maybe it will be easier – but so far, I’ve spent hours trying to make sure my URL,, is directing to my place on Blogger.  If you’re here because you clicked on a link to the old URL (see note below) then it must be working. Or maybe, you just found me on your own. Yay!

Welcome! I’m not sure where this journey is going – but you’re welcome to follow along. It’s probably going to be a potpourri of art, design, and travel sprinkled with morning walks and daily life. And, of course, the real purpose – to promote my art and design work!

Thanks for coming by. Do you have a blog or website? Please share your thoughts on how you use it or it uses you.

* I may or may not repost some of the older posts.  If there's something you are looking for specifically, please contact me.

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