Friday, August 21, 2020

My 100 Day Project - Part I

How many of you participate in daily art projects? Do you consider them practice? Meditative? Brainstorming new ideas? In a way, these daily practices seem to stem from social media -- the need to share?   

#100dayproject flower sketches

I became interested in the daily art practice when I discovered the #100dayproject in 2018 and decided to participate.  My retirement goal was to spend my time doing lots of creative stuff and I was already two years in and nothing to show for it.  I was hoping this would get me moving forward. Here is my artist statement for the project:

My project, #nancyworrelldesignsTinyArt , inspired by inchies. The project will be a 3.5” square canvas with a motif that can later be digitized (this might be the second 100 days) and incorporated into textile designs (another 100 days). Medium will probably be pencil, pen, colored pencils but as I get into it, I may choose to explore other mediums – watercolor, cut-paper, etc. Some of the original pieces will be framed as TinyArt – yet another 100 days!

I participated in the #100dayproject2018 but ran out of steam by the time I had filled a 24-page sketchbook. You can see a few of the sketches above.  And here it is 2020 and I haven't followed through with the sketches until now. I finally scanned a few of the sketches, photoshopped them to clean them up, enhanced the coloring in photoshop and by hand, and added some stitched accents. I played with a few repeat designs but ultimately I've ended up using most of them as motifs for decorative pillows for my Zazzle shop.

Zazzle Flower Pillows

The #100dayproject on Instagram was perfect for this year when we all need a direction, a distraction, and a purpose while sheltering in place. But somehow, I couldn't get motivated to participate. I did, however, follow those who participated. It has been enjoyable and inspirational to see the daily art, progress, and read the stories. Thank you!



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