Wednesday, February 02, 2022

Groundhog Tradition

Holiday decorations are put away; the new year is well underway with cold weather, snowstorms, rain, and wind. What better time for another holiday – one that brings a smile to the face and anticipation of warm sunny flower-filled days.

 About twenty years ago

I decided to forego the holiday tradition of cards – the holidays are too busy to send cards. Groundhog Day just doesn’t get much attention or appreciation and it is such a warm hopeful day to celebrate. So it was that my Groundhog Day card tradition began. (More about the beginning here.) 

What Mr. Groundhog is doing can vary from being generic to more personal. One year was celebrating with 2000 shaped sunglasses and another driving a little red sports car down a Florida highway. This year was inspired by my visit to an equator marker in Kenya on the winter solstice.

I know an equator line is a man-determined designation.  But really, here I was standing on the Northside of the equator and all I had to do to get to summer was step over the line! It was just such a fun thought. So here you have it -- Mr. Groundhog is deciding on this year's Groundhog Day prediction at the equator. 

Have a wonderful Groundhog Day and may warmer weather arrive soon!

For previous Groundhog predictions, check out my Groundhog Collection on Zazzle.

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