Saturday, December 14, 2019

Leaves of Autumn

a carpet of golden maple leaves

It's almost mid-December and here in Florida, the leaves are just beginning to fall. The golden Maple fall as soon as there's a cool rain and little wind. However, the leaves from the Live Oak tree fall as new ones take their place, a process that will continue into late February. 

Just back from Mexico,
I'm remembering the swish swish of handmade brooms being used to clean streets and plazas. Some sweepers were storefront owners or their employees. But many were city employed street sweepers (mostly women) taking pride in their work. I do not recall the sound of even one loud, noisy, dirt-blowing leave blower! And as I'm sitting here writing this and enjoying the lovely quiet of a fall day -- someone in the neighborhood has cranked up their blower! 

Yes, I understand how much quicker and easier the blower is -- in fact, I may end up having to get one in order to manage my yard. But, really, can we just at least think/talk about the air and sound pollution.

And I just ran across this article about why we shouldn't rake the leaves on our lawn at all. We're taking away the nutrients that the trees and plants need to survive!

Your thoughts?

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