Monday, January 27, 2020

Evening Stroll

photo of evening stroll on the appian way
Dusk, a beautiful time for a stroll. And the perfect place for a stroll is along the Via Appia Antica, Rome Italy. As day flowed into dusk, the ancient walls and ruins, the umbrella pines, and the cobblestones conjured up images of days gone by.

We enjoyed a long leisurely afternoon lunch at a quaint little trattoria. Contented, we strolled back on cobblestones to the car, stopping at San Sebastiano to view Bernini’s Jesus (Salvator Mundi), admiring the remains of the Tomb of Caecilia Metella, and snapping photos as we walked.
Among those many photos was the Evening Stroll  -- a pleasant surprise. There were the silhouettes of my grandson with his father enjoying time together on the Appian Way.   A very lovely memory!
Additional photos of Italy can be seen in my on my Fine Arts America site.

Stay tuned. I plan to add many of my travel photo prints to my Zazzle shop.

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