Friday, May 15, 2020

Funky Pink Pastels

Zazzle suggests telling a story about each design collection. Most of my designs have stories that would be more than a couple sentences long. So I'm reposting here the story behind my Funky Pink Pastels Collection.

Looking for Inspiration

It's a new year! I've spent some time the last few days looking for inspiration -- trying to figure out just what it is that I want to do. Before I retired I had ideas for all kinds of wonderful projects. Well, it's been nearly three years and I haven't really completed one project -- except maybe some household things that needed attention.

One of the projects I've wanted to explore is doing more digital art -- using photos, drawing/painting digitally, creating textile repeats. Maybe, I've found inspiration to get me started. Kool-Aid!

Kool-Aid Packets

Last year during my "editing the house" (decluttering), I came across an old recipe box full of empty Kool-Aid packets. When the girls were small we saved them for prizes. Guess we forgot about them!

I threw them into a pile to be thrown out then looked at what a cool colorful splash they made so I photographed them. Here's what I got after trying a couple Photoshop filters. Fun prints that can be used for scarves, cards, textile designs -- inspiration at last!
Funky Pink Pastels

So what do you think? How do you use PhotoShop?

You can see all the"kool" products I created in my Zazzle Funky Pink Pastels Collection. Also, please take a look at my other Collections.

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