Thursday, October 14, 2021

Having Fun with Procreate

My daughters gave me an iPad Pro for Christmas. So I decided I was ready to download Procreate and explore the possibilities. It was a little intimidating at first but at least I had already learned to work with layers in Photoshop. I'm really excited about what I've been able to do with just a few of the tools available. I have been learning to do repeats for

Mosaic V
SpoonFlower surface design. The Mosaic Series is a process of re-learning my drawing and painting skills in a new medium. I haven't even begun to figure out all the brushes and what I can do with them. Procreate is opening up so many fun possibilities.

Mosaic V is a combination of attempting to do a mosaic repeat which didn't exactly work. I covered up where the lines didn't meet with lots of leaves. I'm pleased with the result. I especially like the contrast of the bright blue with the green leaves.

You can find this print as well as others in my Digital Art Collection in my Fine Arts America shop.

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